Baby Brezza Glass One Step Baby Food Maker

The Glass One Step Baby Food Maker from Baby Brezza is a multifunctional device that helps busy moms create delicious purees and homemade baby food in a single bowl in just a matter of minutes.

The machine is incredibly easy to use and is an excellent tool for overscheduled parents who still want to provide fresh, homemade baby food. Although I ideally wanted to create simple and nourishing food for my baby’s first bites at home, the process can be laborious, messy and tiring. As a working mom, I have limited time in the kitchen and did not want to spend an entire weekend at the stove, covered in a mess from transferring foods from the cutting board, to pots, to the blender, and finally, to storage containers.

Enter the Glass One Step Baby Food Maker, a solution for the usual mess of baby-food-making. Once I prepped my fruits and veggies, I simply popped them in the machine’s 4-cup glass bowl. I added water to the steam tank and selected the appropriate steam time (the machine comes with a handy manual and recipe guide that provides suggested cooking times for many fruits and vegetables). All that remained was pressing the “steam & blend” feature; I then walked away to play with my son.

As the name implies, the “steam & blend” feature steams your food and, once the food has cooked, automatically purees it. When the cycle is complete, in about 15 – 20 minutes depending on the food, your food is ready to eat and store—you do not need to transfer piping hot food from the stove to a second blender device to puree. The feature means you can do all the hard work in a single bowl.  You also don’t have to hover over a hot stove waiting for foods to soften—the machine takes care of all the steaming for you so you can enjoy time with your little one.

As with most things baby, pureeing food can be a messy proposition. Having a single bowl makes the process infinitely easier, and the bowl and blade are dishwasher safe so cleanup is fairly simple. The steam tank can also be opened completely for easy filling and cleaning. I found that the 4-cup capacity was the right size. It allowed me space for two large sweet potatoes in one run and a bag of frozen fruit in another, and it produced enough food to fill a full ice-cube tray (my makeshift baby-food storage device).

The Glass One Step Baby Food Maker is the first glass baby food maker on the market.  The glass bowl is clean and modern looking but, more importantly, safe. I liked knowing that my fresh produce was cooked in a glass, rather than plastic bowl, and I did not need to worry about exposing the food to the potentially harmful chemicals found in plastics. The machine also grips to the counter with suction cups, so you don’t need to worry about hot food spilling.

The machine comes with a handy set of accompanying recipe suggestions that cover everything from simple fruit and vegetables, to basic combinations (the sweet potato and banana puree was a sweet treat for my little man), to more complex recipes. In a single afternoon, I was able to whip up an array of savory servings including peas, squash, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, carrots and a few blends. They all came out well, and my son devoured his first purees with gusto.

All in all, the Glass One Step Baby Food Maker is a hit and makes cooking tasty and healthful homemade purees easy and fun!

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By CeCe