Munchkin Clean Infant Bather

By Published On: October 16th, 2017

The Munchkin Clean is a safe and durable bather for infants that’s easy to use from day one! This two-piece bather is incredibly simple to assemble and in just seconds is ready to use on your countertop or in your bathtub. The main body of the bather locks together with the water reservoir piece to create a solid and safe structure. And the rubber grips on the bottom of the bather, as well as the rubber cradle on the main body, ensure that neither baby nor bather slip or slide during bath time.

I am very pleased with it and have been from the beginning. Lightweight, nice looking and painless to keep clean, I would recommend it to anyone. Cleanup is quick and easy; simply remove the drain plug, and once the water has drained, wipe down the tub with a mild soap.

And, despite weighing just two pounds, the materials are durable and have had no issues holding up with my growing infant. I use this bather in the tub three to four times per week, and the quality is still like new.

My favorite feature about this bather is that the water is located in the bottom reservoir, while my daughter lies on a separate rubber piece with only her bottom and back touching any water. She is never submerged in the water. I initially used infant bathtubs, but I feel much more comfortable using this bather for my squirmy infant knowing that she is never submerged. Additionally, the rubber cradle seems comfortable for my 7-week-old and does a good job keeping her in place.

When I first received this bather, I was pleased with the overall sturdiness and versatility of it. The inclined design, rubber cradle and high sidewalls make for a safe and relatively mess-free bath. However, this bather is advertised for infants up to 6 months (up to 3 months for countertop use), and while my petite child should have no problem using it for the entire that entire time, I don’t know if the majority of infants will get that long of a lifespan from it. The small size does make it easy to move, store and—I would assume—travel with, but I do wish it had some way to fold up or came with a hook to hang so that it could easily be stored without being in the way.

I think the bather is listed at a fair price for the peace of mind I gain when using it. The Munchkin Clean is far superior to the typical infant bather, in my opinion, and I’ll be using it as long as my baby girl can safely fit.

Price: $30
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By Whitney