STATE Bags Wellington Baby Bag


"The accessories stood out as a highlight immediately. There are three pouches included, a small, medium and large, and they are all detachable, so you can hold them in place with the inside clip or pull them out if you don’t need them."

STATE Bags Wellington Baby Bag2021-04-01T15:20:23-04:00

RYLA backpack diaper bag


"There is room enough for the essentials with minimal excess. I am not a fan of toting around unnecessary baggage, so this slim pick is ideal. Perhaps that’s why it doesn’t scream diaper bag to every passerby."

RYLA backpack diaper bag2019-02-12T09:42:18-05:00

Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall


"I thought my favorite thing would be the many pockets, but then I unzipped the front and found a zip-out changing station! It literally unzips and unfolds into a portable, hygienic place to take care of baby’s business.

Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall2018-02-13T03:20:25-05:00

Fawn Design Pack


"From afar, the Pack just looks like a stylish leather backpack, but the interior is definitely designed to carry (and organize) the massive amount of baby supplies that parents all have."

Fawn Design Pack2018-01-25T18:25:42-05:00

Anne York Everyday Tote


"This bag is unlike any other nappy sack I’ve seen before. It’s gorgeous—so gorgeous, in fact, that I’m positive I’ll continue to use it long after my tots are potty-trained."

Anne York Everyday Tote2018-02-13T03:20:26-05:00
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