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Sleep is for singles

You’re elated to be a new mom, but your face tells a different story—because everything everyone everywhere said about being exhausted is true. Stash these saviors in your beauty bag to fake you’re awake.

Smooth things over

Shape wear is not shame wear! It feels great to feel good in clothes and ain’t no shame in our games to get some help from supportive allies. Enlist these silhouette-refining pieces to keep all your lines and curves seamlessly tucked and taut.

Great, Scott!

We get chatty with new mom Katrina Scott about her style and lifestyle—and get pumped to get in shape in the process.

The home stretch

Today’s body-positive movement celebrates all shapes, sizes and streaks—as it should, and we’re all in! But let’s be honest, shall we? No woman wants stretch marks, and if we can avoid them, we’ll lather up to do so. Let’s get your baby-building bod to the finish line with as few sprouts as possible and some help from these skin-saving salves.

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