Birth Center vs. Hospital Birth: What to Consider in Maternity Care


There are many differences between midwifery and OB/GYN services within our health care system, and we’re not only speaking to pain meds and medical interventions. Read on for a detailed comparison, so you can make an informed decision about care providers and your place of birth.

Birth Center vs. Hospital Birth: What to Consider in Maternity Care2021-12-10T10:17:15-05:00

Tour guide


Visiting the hospital before the big day can give you peace of mind when it comes time to deliver.

Tour guide2021-12-12T19:50:42-05:00

Bosom buddies


Hospitals around the globe are becoming officially “Baby-Friendly” by putting breastfeeding first. Does your facility meet the criteria?

Bosom buddies2021-12-12T19:51:10-05:00

Welcome home


Would you ever consider giving birth in your own abode? Learn why some women find the option intriguing.

Welcome home2021-12-12T19:54:58-05:00

An inconvenient truth


Scheduling baby's birth day may appeal to nervous or busy moms-to-be, but is an elective C-section or induction really the best choice?

An inconvenient truth2021-12-12T20:00:15-05:00
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