Beaba Fabric Bath


"My favorite feature of this tub is definitely the clean look along with the ability for it to collapse for easy storage. No more big plastic (moldy!) tub taking up room in our bathroom!"

Beaba Fabric Bath2021-12-10T15:31:22-05:00

Munchkin Clean Infant Bather


"I initially used infant bathtubs, but I feel much more comfortable using this bather for my squirmy infant knowing that she is never submerged. Additionally, the rubber cradle seems comfortable for my 7-week-old and does a good job keeping her in place."

Munchkin Clean Infant Bather2021-12-10T15:31:49-05:00

Fisher-Price Rinse ‘N Grow Tub


"My favorite feature is the adjustable sling. It makes me feel comfortable focusing on cleaning my baby instead of being distracted with keeping her head above water. The sling keeps the baby safe, while allowing however much of her back and bottom you choose to soak in the water."

Fisher-Price Rinse ‘N Grow Tub2021-12-10T15:33:10-05:00

Blooming Bath Lotus Review


"I especially liked how the cushion absorbed the water and created a soft and warm place for my baby to sit during his bath. It had a similar effect to wrapping the baby in a warm towel during the bath."

Blooming Bath Lotus Review2021-12-07T16:17:26-05:00

Boon Naked


"When I first saw the Boon Naked, I distinctly remember saying, 'Whoa,' and that's no small feat. But truth is, it's simply that cool."

Boon Naked2021-12-10T15:33:36-05:00
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