Catch the fever


A fever is a temporary increase in body temperature and is a common indication of an infection. Though it sounds scary, the process is actually good for the body because it heats to the point of killing the germs associated with the problem. Here’s what to know about treating infant fever and how to be prepared.

Catch the fever2021-12-06T10:31:26-05:00

Ask the Experts: Baby food allergies


Baby food allergies are terrifying, especially to a new mom, but I’ve heard early exposure can help prevent allergies from forming. What foods should I be introducing to my child, and how early should I start?

Ask the Experts: Baby food allergies2021-12-12T16:43:10-05:00

In case of emergency


Sometimes it can be hard to know when a sniffle is just a sniffle—or when it could indicate something more serious.

In case of emergency2021-12-10T14:55:45-05:00

Rest room


Baby’s sleep space requires more consideration than just what’s pretty.

Rest room2021-12-12T17:13:19-05:00
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