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Stokke MyCarrier Front and Back Carrier

"Despite wearing the carrier for most of the day, I too, felt very comfortable. The wide waist belt, back support and shoulder straps are made of a padded fabric and didn’t dig into my skin or leave my back aching. In the front facing position, my baby rested on my chest and was able to take a few great naps while we waited in long lines and had lunch."

Bundle Linen Sling

"As our little one has grown, we’ve gotten loads of use out of the sling, and our darling squeals and kicks her legs in excitement when she sees she’s about to be loaded in for a ride. (Unless it’s naptime, in which case she quietly reaches for me and then snuggles right in for a cozy slumber while mama cleans or goes for a walk or sneaks in a meal. When she awakens, she often nurses even before I take her out.)"

Petunia Pickle Bottom – MOBY Baby Wrap

Mother carrying baby sound asleep in the Moby wrap Mother and baby demonstrating the different ways to use the Moby wrap I was super excited to receive my Moby baby wrap,

Abiie Huggs Contour

"What I really love about this carrier is the freedom it gave my toddler to interact and experience the world around her while still being securely fastened to her father. I felt she was safe and entertained at the same time. Because the seat keeps baby in a healthy sitting position, she was able to enjoy the hike comfortably with minimal complaints."

Beco 8 Baby Carrier

"The straps don’t dig into my shoulders—and they can cross for additional support. There’s even a lumbar support pad that my back is very grateful for, especially when toting my ever-growing 2-year-old, who still loves a good snuggle in the front carry position."

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