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Ask the Experts: Providing comfort during shots

Q: My baby is due for her first round of shots soon, and I’m a nervous wreck. How can I make my little one as comfortable as possible both during and after the appointment? A: Before heading to the appointment, calm … Continue reading

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Week 30: The one with the vaccines

Hey—I made it to the third trimester! (I realize I’m two weeks behind in this recognition, but you may understand why when you read about what I’ve been dealing with in that time.) Two weekends ago, our 5-year-old came home … Continue reading

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Healthy start, healthy life

Moms were made to worry. You spend 40 weeks (give or take) stressing about your pregnancy and hoping baby is developing properly; then with delivery, pregnancy worries dissipate and are immediately replaced with anxiety for baby’s health and continued well-being. … Continue reading

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Worth a shot

Babies aren’t the only ones with an immunization schedule to follow—mamas need to stay up-to-date on their inoculations, too. (Mom’s immunity is passed on to baby during pregnancy, so the vaccines you receive will protect your wee one, too!) Follow … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Vaccination

I’m afraid receiving vaccinations (like the flu shot) while pregnant will harm my unborn baby. Is it true?  It isn’t. Expectant mothers should know that protecting themselves against certain vaccine-preventable diseases is actually a safe and important step toward having … Continue reading

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