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14 questions to ask your care provider

Perhaps you interviewed a dozen midwives before finding the right one, or maybe your maternity care will continue with the same family doctor you’ve seen and loved for years. No matter your circumstances, the first prenatal appointment is a big … Continue reading

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Ask the Experts: Day care and baby’s immune system

My partner and I are well aware that when we send our baby to day care this spring she’ll undoubtedly bring runny noses, coughs and stomach bugs home with her, but we’d like to try to prevent whatever illnesses we … Continue reading

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The vaccine debate

I’ve casually followed this measles thing and the fall out it’s having on the great vaccine debate, but I’m looking at it a little more seriously now that I’ve learned local health officials are investigating six unconfirmed cases of measles right … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Vaccination

I’m afraid receiving vaccinations (like the flu shot) while pregnant will harm my unborn baby. Is it true?  It isn’t. Expectant mothers should know that protecting themselves against certain vaccine-preventable diseases is actually a safe and important step toward having … Continue reading

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Don’t bug me

There’s nothing worse than a sick baby, and parents everywhere should be informed of the dangers of airborne viruses. Two of the most common culprits are influenza (flu) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Though both are well known to (and … Continue reading

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