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Definitely a biter

Almost two months ago, I wrote about our little biter. I mentioned how she was digging her little tooth into just about everything, and that she’d managed to get me, too (ouch). I looked up tips for dealing with biting … Continue reading

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That time I brushed my son’s teeth with Neosporin

Here’s something you never want to hear: “Daddy, toothpaste is up HERE.” Especially as you’re looking down at a substance purporting to be a tube of Thomas the Train swallowable toothpaste, which you just finished brushing his teeth with. Well, … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Morning Sickness and your teeth

This may sound silly, but could morning sickness be affecting my teeth? While pregnancy nausea generally subsides after the first trimester, it does increase the risks for both tooth decay and erosion. Erosion is the disintegration of enamel caused by … Continue reading

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