Missed connection


I had always prided myself on not becoming one of “those” moms. The ones who refer to themselves as “Mommy” at dinner parties (“Mommy’s getting tipsy!”), who listen to kids music 24/7 and whose relationships with their husbands don’t exist

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Leaving baby for the first time


When is it “OK” to leave your breastfed baby with someone overnight for the first time? After consulting Google and scouring the mommy blogs, I got many different answers—ranging from, “as soon as your baby will take a bottle, it’ll

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One final date


As I was writing last week’s post, I honestly thought I would probably be writing this week to report that we had a new baby. Alas, no such luck, though. Since we didn’t have a baby this week, we decided

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Best in peace


How important is relaxation during pregnancy? Very! When you’re strained, you produce stress hormones. These hormones affect your physical and emotional well-being. And when you’re pregnant, hormones can cross the placenta and color baby’s experience as well. Studies suggest that

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Love in an elevator


When I first became pregnant with my son, I had a very clear picture of how things were going to be. This experience had all the makings of success: planned pregnancy, happy marriage, financial stability. Not only was I going

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