No sleep, no name, new car


You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times to describe a great night of sleep: “I slept like a baby.” HA! I’ll admit, we’ve been fortunate—both boys are pretty good sleepers and have been since they were born.

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Ask the Experts: Holiday schedules


Between holiday parties and traveling to visit family, our little one’s nap and nighttime schedule is bound to encounter some obstacles. How can we be flexible enough to enjoy our social engagements while still ensuring she receives the sleep she

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The little things


I work from home as a writer and editor, and I have little pockets during the day to get stuff done. Otherwise, I’m burning the midnight oil. That means I count on naptime for our almost 10-month-old (!), so I

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Time for a change


Don’t let the switch to daylight saving time throw off your family’s routine. Follow these tips from Conner Herman and Kira Ryan, sleep experts and authors of The Dream Sleeper, to ensure your spring forward is seamless. Be proactive Begin

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Three-and-a-half glorious hours


Sometime during the last few weeks I feel like a calm has settled over our house. Life with a giggly and wiggly 6-month-old is proving to be pretty darn doable. It’s more than doable, actually; it’s awesome. A huge part

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Migrating naps


Making plans when dealing with a baby’s nap schedule is already a challenge. Scheduling appointments weeks in advance when your wee-one’s nap schedule is continually evolving, that’s a problem. Accomplishing this task combines two themes that have popped up repeatedly in the

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A new routine


At 20 weeks, Bea is a nifty little person. I know she’s still tiny and unskilled in the grand scheme of life, but compared to the sleepy newborn from just a few months ago, Andy and I think she’s a

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Sleep training basics

During pregnancy, you might have fantasized about cozy nighttime feedings and quiet snuggle sessions. But a few weeks postpartum, you likely confronted a difficult truth: Waking up every two hours all night long is exhausting. Moms agree that uninterrupted sleep

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