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Week 32: The whys of pregnancy

In rounding the corner to week 32, I find myself continually experiencing not only new symptoms but reoccurring ones as well. It’s like the first trimester is coming back to haunt me with random, extreme fatigue and food aversions. This … Continue reading

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Week 31: Just me and the bump

Ironically, pregnancy can feel lonely sometimes. Even though I am literally with another human at all times, I have experienced some really trying moments of feeling alone. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but something some of us … Continue reading

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Sleep tight

Your newest family member will keep you awake long before she makes her grand entrance. For many pregnant women, catching a good night’s sleep can seem utterly unfeasible. Hormones make you hot, getting comfortable is an Olympic feat and just … Continue reading

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Turn left, sleep right

Proper positioning throughout pregnancy can make for an optimal night’s rest. Follow these tips to get the best beauty sleep possible. Sleep for two Sleeping on your left side can benefit both you and baby. Doing so improves blood flow, … Continue reading

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