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Week 22: Soak, sip and sexual healing

I read something the other day that made me go, “What am I doing with my free time?!” I was reading about French parenting and how pregnancy is portrayed (in writing) as a nine-month retreat to the spa. Expectant moms … Continue reading

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Spinach berry smoothie

If you’re joining in our 6-week postpartum fitness program—and you totally should—you’ll need a healthy post-workout snack to refuel. Whip up this delicious and nutritious smoothie for a refreshing, rejuvenating treat. (It’s great for breakfast or lunch, too!) Spinach berry … Continue reading

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Bake me a cake

If you’ve limited your baby’s sugar consumption during her first year, you may want to consider baking her cake at home (instead of picking it up at the local bakery) so you can better control the ingredients used. For a not-too-sweet—yet still … Continue reading

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