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Can you keep a secret?

Making a baby has some seriously unsexy side effects—stuff so unpleasant, even your closest girlfriends have probably kept their lips zipped. Celebrity mags have tricked you into thinking pregnancy is definitively glamorous, but the paparazzi aren’t there when celebs are … Continue reading

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Best in peace

How important is relaxation during pregnancy? Very! When you’re strained, you produce stress hormones. These hormones affect your physical and emotional well-being. And when you’re pregnant, hormones can cross the placenta and color baby’s experience as well. Studies suggest that … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Sex and labor

Can sex really jumpstart labor? Here are the facts: The claim that sexual intercourse will cause labor contractions is in the same category as other folk remedies (like castor oil, eating spicy foods and taking long walks) passed on through word … Continue reading

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