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The scoop on poop

The first No. 2 “The initial stool should appear within the first 24 hours of birth,” explains Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP, board-certified pediatrician and co-author of Heading Home with Your Newborn. “It is thick, black and tarry and is called … Continue reading

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Well, poop

The books I read (okay, book) never really mentioned it. Now I know why. You see, once you have the baby, there’s no turning back. We mothers are already totally in love, and suddenly the grossest of things no longer … Continue reading

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Poop happens

With every brand-new baby comes a brand-new excretory system, and the result is often slew of, well, interesting diaper changes in the first days, weeks and even months of baby’s life as he makes his transition from womb to world. … Continue reading

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Week 11: Throw out the bathwater

You know, there are some days when pregnancy and motherhood turn life completely topsy-turvy. Last Tuesday was one of those days for me. Before the events of that morning happened, I was fully prepared to complain to you tell you … Continue reading

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