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Howdy, stranger

Much of your baby’s demeanor is decided genetically before he’s even left the gate. Still, the impact of his home environment and family dynamics can’t be overstated. Nature and nurture combine forces to uniquely influence the individual your baby will … Continue reading

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Mommy the introvert

My wife is an introvert. She needs a certain amount of time to herself in order to “recharge.” Her emotional fuel tank eventually runs dry if she doesn’t have a chance to be alone and think and pray and rest. … Continue reading

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Week 15: Year of the snake

Jubilant fails to describe how excited I was when I found out our baby was due in October. That is my favorite month, by far. The colorful foliage, the not-too-hot/not-too-cold weather, the impending slew of holidays one right after the … Continue reading

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