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Just a quick thank you

Usually the subject of these blog posts is me either talking about the struggles and wonders of being a dad—or the amazing things my little boy does. This week, however, I want to talk about my partner. Unfortunately, to do … Continue reading

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Help me Help you

When I can remedy my son’s woes, whether it’s a dirty diaper or an empty stomach, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment – more so than I ever felt acing a test or winning a game (this coming from … Continue reading

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Week 36: Milestones

As Arthur and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary this month, I’m struck by how much we’ve grown together the last three years. Our communication skills have vastly improved, and we’ve weathered a share of highs and lows. I’m also … Continue reading

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to writing your will, follow these tips from Kolbi L. Cumbo, Esq., LLM, an attorney specializing in estate planning in Atlanta. 1. Get help. Your will is an extremely important document. … Continue reading

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Asking for help

I listened to Amanda Palmer’s TED talk a little while ago, about asking for help. Hers was in the context of music and asking fans to pay what they thought was fair for the album, more or less on the … Continue reading

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