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Week 32: Matters of the heart

I was having dinner with my best friend Stefanie on Tuesday night at LaFonda—one of our favorite restaurants to sit outside. I was telling her about some of my money concerns. You know, I’m in debt; I pay out more … Continue reading

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Exploring the limits of love

Let’s pretend that love is something that we manufacture somewhere in our body, as if a gland secretes it. I thought of love that way for a long time. In this view, love is a finite resource. We only have … Continue reading

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My Grinch heart

I feel like the Grinch. Not because our protruding bellies match or because I’ve stolen a lot of little kids’ Christmas presents. Nope. It’s because of his heart. Without fail, at the end of that cartoon a cute dog wears … Continue reading

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Sharing Antarctica

When I was a kid, I used to fantasize about being my favorite G.I. Joe, living in an underground hideout with my other favorite Joes, in Antarctica. We were theoretically on patrol, but there was never any action or drama—it … Continue reading

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Keeping the love alive

Becoming parents is a wonderful, life-changing experience, but it can put strain on a previously well-balanced relationship. As many moms and pops will attest, the new responsibilities and sleepless nights that come with a baby can lead to rocky times … Continue reading

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