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Little laughs

Linds has a thing she does that always gets Nolan and Graham to smile—no matter how ornery they are or how defiant they seem to be. She says, “I can make you smiiiiile!” And poof! They smile, sometimes begrudgingly, but a smile … Continue reading

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Laugh it up

Are you familiar with the Charlie Chaplin quote, “A day without laughter is a day wasted”? The quote hung on my roommate’s wall during college, and my pre-child-self reflected on the truth of that statement whenever life got too serious. … Continue reading

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Sound off: Decoding baby noises

A babbling baby may be one of the most wonderful auditory experiences in the world. A screaming, sobbing baby? One of the worst—as any childless woman who’s been subjected to a restaurant temper tantrum can tell you. Your baby’s sounds … Continue reading

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