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Reflexology can help with imbalances in sleep cycles and digestion, as well as encourage caregiver-infant bonding, explains Amy Kreydin, board-certified reflexologist and owner of The Barefoot Dragonfly in Austin, Texas. In addition to seeking professional services, she suggests trying the … Continue reading

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Ask the Experts: Deciphering coughs

Q: My daughter has developed quite the cough. Any idea what it might be? A: There are five telltale cough sounds that can offer clues to what might be ailing your child: Barking: It may be croup, a viral illness that … Continue reading

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Bug off

If we could examine the inner workings of the infant parent’s brain, we would first see that incomparable oxytocin rush and the euphoric love that comes with it. There would be a scattering, of course, of incomplete sentences and forgotten … Continue reading

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I’d take a bullet for him

Our little guy is 13 weeks old now, and he’s encountered another first. It’s his first stuffy nose. It’s nothing life threatening. The only noticeable consequence of it has been that he’s a bit more wakeful at night because he’s … Continue reading

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Infant ear infections

What causes ear infections? An ear infection is caused by a buildup of fluid in the middle ear. As the pressure in the ear builds, so does the hurt factor, ranging from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing pain. … Continue reading

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