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Best buds

Clue her in You’ve both endured hangovers and breakups, and you learned from experience how to get each other through them. If your longtime gal pal hasn’t been pregnant or perpetually sleep-deprived, though, she may have a hard time knowing … Continue reading

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What’s best for us

“American girl seeks friend. If interested, please meet at Piazza Della Scalla at 7 p.m.” My hopeful words went onto a Facebook page for au pairs living in Milan, and then I tip-toed downstairs to prepare cappuccino for my employers. … Continue reading

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The friend revolution

Motherhood transforms us in so many ways that we don’t always notice the changes occurring in our relationships until they’re firmly in place. This “friend revolution” is key to sanity—not just for new moms, but for all moms. But gaining … Continue reading

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