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Introducing … food!

We haven’t begun giving Austin pureed human food yet, but we will soon. The reason being he’s been less and less tired around his bedtime of 7 o’clock. Linds will feed him, and he sits there, eyes open, staring at … Continue reading

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A letter to the baby on her 6-month birthday

Six months! That’s a whole half of a year! I don’t know how it’s possible that six months have gone by since you joined us, but it seems as though that’s the case. And instead of a tiny blob who doesn’t do or … Continue reading

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A solid start

Those first bites of “real” food are always memorable. Somewhere around your little one’s sixth month, you’ll likely introduce her to solids. Start with something easily digestible—rice cereal is a common favorite first food, but yellow or orange vegetables also … Continue reading

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