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Mind the gap

A high school teacher in Clarksburg, Maryland, and contributor to the parenting blog Diary of a First Time Mom, Kerrin Torres-Meriwether understands the long and short of sibling age gaps more fully than most. She and her twin sister were … Continue reading

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Week 35: What a year

In one trip around the sun, Jesse and I moved houses twice, got married, went on a honeymoon, got pregnant, went on a babymoon and are now about to have this little boy join our family! We just celebrated our … Continue reading

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Family planning

When Arthur and I got married, we picked out a home and transportation to accommodate our future firstborn and us: a 2-bed, 2-bath condo and a Volvo S80. Four years and one baby later, we’re reevaluating our living spaces in … Continue reading

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Ask the experts: Sibling benefits

I’m really pushing for a second baby, but my partner is on the fence. Are there any scientifically proven benefits to having siblings that I can use to support my argument? Siblings have historically served as civilizing and socializing influences … Continue reading

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