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Week 13: The “is she pregnant, or just overweight” stage

I know that every pregnancy is different, but that doesn’t stop me from making ridiculous comparisons, like Googling belly bump pictures at 13 weeks to see how my body measures up. Like I said, I know that is ridiculous, and … Continue reading

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Week 28: A farewell letter to cheese

You guys. The time has arrived. It seemed so far away when I first found out I was pregnant, so long ago at only 5 weeks’ gestation. It felt like I had forever until I entered my third trimester. At … Continue reading

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Celebrity Baby Scoop: Q and A with new mom Holly Madison

New mom Holly Madison is helping women reach their weight loss goals with the Holly Madison Diet. The former Girls Next Door star, 33, has teamed up with eDiets to create a custom diet plan and app for women who want to take control, eat … Continue reading

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Pregnant women and new mothers sometimes feel like magnets for unsolicited advice. A trip to the grocery store or a walk to the mailbox can turn into a lesson in feeding, diapering or the all-sacred infant sleep schedule. Since every … Continue reading

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Beyond organic

Eating healthy is twice as important when you’re feeding two, but it’s easier said than done. Vegetables get boring fast when you need to snack constantly—especially when what you’re really craving is half a dozen chocolate donuts. But nutritional deficiencies … Continue reading

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On solid ground

Navigating a world beyond liquids with a newbie can seem like a daunting task for first-time parents. Questions abound: How do I gauge if the time is right for solids? Which foods do we try first? How much should my … Continue reading

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Get it right

Every expectant mom tries to do what’s best for the growing baby inside her, but with all the different guidelines and opinions floating around the webosphere, knowing what’s right can be confusing. The best rule of thumb: Talk to your … Continue reading

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Decoding organic

Between cultivating your compost pile, changing cloth diapers, and perfecting your recycling schedule, you may not have had time to research the basics of going organic. But there are some things you should know before you buy. Allow us to … Continue reading

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