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Feather your nest

Admit it: Ever since you learned you were expecting, you’ve been stockpiling bodysuits, loading up on diapers, and stashing away more baby wipes than a daycare uses in a year. Sure that little bundle of joy may be small, but … Continue reading

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Poop happens

With every brand-new baby comes a brand-new excretory system, and the result is often slew of, well, interesting diaper changes in the first days, weeks and even months of baby’s life as he makes his transition from womb to world. … Continue reading

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Diaper changing 101

The basics An easy to follow, step-by-step breakdown of how to change a diaper. Because sometimes, you just need the facts: Step 1 Grab your changing gear and find a clean, flat surface to change baby on. The floor works … Continue reading

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