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Diaper change or wrestling match?​

He’s just over 5 months old, but every time I change Austin’s diaper it feels like I’m trying to pin one of the Road Warriors—either one, Hawk or Animal. I know it was difficult to pin either of them because I Googled “best … Continue reading

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Diaper changing at 32,000 feet

Once you get the hang of it, changing a diaper can be a fast, fun, and easy process! All you need to enjoy this undertaking is a diaper, some wipes, and a baby. And viola! With some practice you too … Continue reading

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Diaper changing 101

The basics An easy to follow, step-by-step breakdown of how to change a diaper. Because sometimes, you just need the facts: Step 1 Grab your changing gear and find a clean, flat surface to change baby on. The floor works … Continue reading

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