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This week’s Win its!

Get excited, mamas! It’s your lucky week—we’ve upped your odds of claiming a fabulous freebie with two Win its, for a total value of nearly $300 in prizes. Click below to toss your name into the hat for a chance to win … … a prize pack … Continue reading

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I’m not usually a germaphobe

Sometimes I wonder how people stay alive at all. It seems like every other headline is a report about Ebola or a Pertussis outbreak or the next big antibiotic-resistant superbug or this year’s deadly flu strains or the zombie apocalypse—especially … Continue reading

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Bea’s first sniffles

Runny nose, low-grade fever, icky diapers … it appears Bea has her first cold. Or maybe she’s teething because it seems that just about every abnormal behavior or physiological reaction could also be a sign of a sprouting tooth. Either … Continue reading

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Cold care for cuties: The next best thing to mommy’s kisses

The cold season is in full swing and sometimes it hits the smallest (and cutest) of us the hardest. Babies need a little extra TLC when they’re fighting germs. We’ve rounded up some powerhouse products that will soothe the sniffles … Continue reading

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Fighting the cold

Diagnosis The common cold With any luck, your baby won’t have to battle more than a little sneezing and coughing, the effects of a common cold. The common cold is essentially a viral respiratory tract infection, characterized by a runny … Continue reading

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