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I’d take a bullet for him

Our little guy is 13 weeks old now, and he’s encountered another first. It’s his first stuffy nose. It’s nothing life threatening. The only noticeable consequence of it has been that he’s a bit more wakeful at night because he’s … Continue reading

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This week’s Win its!

Get excited, mamas! It’s your lucky week—we’ve upped your odds of claiming a fabulous freebie with two Win its, for a total value of nearly $300 in prizes. Click below to toss your name into the hat for a chance to win … … a prize pack … Continue reading

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I’m not usually a germaphobe

Sometimes I wonder how people stay alive at all. It seems like every other headline is a report about Ebola or a Pertussis outbreak or the next big antibiotic-resistant superbug or this year’s deadly flu strains or the zombie apocalypse—especially … Continue reading

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Bea’s first sniffles

Runny nose, low-grade fever, icky diapers … it appears Bea has her first cold. Or maybe she’s teething because it seems that just about every abnormal behavior or physiological reaction could also be a sign of a sprouting tooth. Either … Continue reading

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Cold care for cuties: The next best thing to mommy’s kisses

The cold season is in full swing and sometimes it hits the smallest (and cutest) of us the hardest. Babies need a little extra TLC when they’re fighting germs. We’ve rounded up some powerhouse products that will soothe the sniffles … Continue reading

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Fighting the cold

Diagnosis The common cold With any luck, your baby won’t have to battle more than a little sneezing and coughing, the effects of a common cold. The common cold is essentially a viral respiratory tract infection, characterized by a runny … Continue reading

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