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Week 27: The one with(out) the names

Choosing a name for a child is a really, really difficult task. Whatever name you give them, they’re going to have forever. So you better not screw it up. That’s a lot of pressure. My husband and I agree that there are certain … Continue reading

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Week 24: What’s in a name

There are a number of things that can irk a pregnant woman. Some are admittedly maybe slightly odd, like getting enraged over accidentally stubbing your toe while making the bed (which may or may not have recently happened). Others are … Continue reading

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Know by name

Names are like tattoos. They are with you for the rest of your life, and there is a story behind them. Sometimes the story is very deep and profound. Sometimes the story is as simple as, “Oh, I just sort … Continue reading

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Naming Know-how

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Hello, my name is…

Naming a human being is no paltry task. For some parents it’s a fun and exciting mission, full of possibility and the whittling down of lists of long-held favorites. For others it can seem almost like a chore— especially when … Continue reading

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