Ask the Experts: Chiropractic care


My sister-in-law is taking her baby to a chiropractor, and I’m intrigued. Is it safe for infants? What are the benefits? A: Chiropractic treatment is absolutely safe for little ones. Because a child’s skeletal system is still developing, there is

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Week 37: True or false

37 weeks (1 of 4)

This week has been pretty eventful and pretty exciting. My nesting instinct is stronger than it’s ever been, and it feels like I’m really checking stuff off our to-do list. Jesse even put together Anaïs’s loft bed in her room

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Back to the back doctor


This time last year, I was a month out from giving birth. I also had a standing date with my chiropractor every single week. She’d adjust my neck, a few spots in my back and always, always my hips because

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My new best friend


News flash—chiropractors are like bone cracking miracle workers during pregnancy. I only wish I knew it sooner. I muscled through three and a half pregnancies with crazy lower back pain, figuring it was just part of the deal. And then,

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