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Let’s talk about sex

One of my mom friends gave her son milkshakes before he could walk. Another has sworn off sugar until elementary school. I tend to follow a “figure-it-out” approach with my 15-month-old son and 2 1⁄2-year-old daughter, but a close friend … Continue reading

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Slow and steady

Postbaby sex can be scary. (The last ordeal down there might have brought you a beautiful babe, but it hurt like heck, too!) Alison Schultz, DO, an OB/GYN at Boulder Medical Center in Boulder, Colorado, shares some helpful tips on … Continue reading

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Under wraps

Confession: I’m not a modest person. I’ve been known to sunbathe topless in my (privacy fenced) backyard, and in college I spent many a weekend night dancing at a local club clad in only a leopard-print bra because I thought … Continue reading

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