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If you could, would you choose baby's sex?

  • No, the surprise is half the fun. (48%)
  • Yes, I'm pining for a baby girl. (29%)
  • Yes, I'd love to have a little boy. (23%)

Did you suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy?

  • No. But I don't admit that to my other pregnant friends! (30%)
  • Yes. My knees still have bruises from kneeling at the porcelain throne morning, noon and night. (26%)
  • Yes, but it went away after the first trimester. (24%)
  • Yes, but it was very short-lived and mild. (20%)

Did you sneak any forbidden foods while pregnant?

  • Nope (53%)
  • Occasionally (38%)
  • Yes (9%)

Did you budget for baby?

  • No: I'm figuring it out as we go along. (58%)
  • Kinda: I had a loose idea of how to make it work. (32%)
  • Yes: I made a plan and stuck to it. (10%)

Did you or do you breastfeed in public?

  • Yes (64%)
  • No (36%)
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