Zooper Waltz

Written by: Leslie

In the market for a hip and functional stroller? Here are the top 10 reasons I think my new Zooper is so super.

1. Strollers should be fun. A new mom’s life is consumed with yucky things like rectal thermometers and burp cloths, so what do you say we get our kicks where we can? I’ve had my fill of solid-colored strollers, so this floral beauty became an instant fave when I pulled it out of the box. It never fails to make me smile when I buckle my baby in for a stroll (whether it’s down the block or into the doctor’s office), and as an exhausted mom, I’ll take every pick-me-up I can get.

2. It pushes like a dream. It’s easy to maneuver this stroller with one hand and it doesn’t feel bulky or awkward at all. At only 17 pounds, this stroller provides a ride that is smooth for both baby and mama (thanks, I’m sure at least in part, to its front and rear wheel suspension). And I should mention that although it’s lightweight, it’s extremely sturdy—none of that wobbly-umbrella-stroller action here.

3. The weight limit is tops. Quite honestly, if my kid reaches 55 pounds and is still riding in a stroller, someone should question my judgment. (My oldest is in first grade and hasn’t hit 50 pounds yet, so that’d be a big ol’ kid you’re pushing around at 55 pounds.) However, that high number lets me know that I’ll be able to push my tiny tots as long as necessary, and my 3-year old is just as comfortable in the seat as my newest addition is.

4. Safety isn’t sacrificed for style. The aforementioned sturdiness isn’t the only peace-of-mind feature on the Zooper Waltz: It’s also equipped with a one-step rear link break that stops the stroller dead in its tracks, reflective safety piping (for all those night strollers), and a 5-point safety harness.

5. It’s easy, baby. I can open and close this stroller and/or recline the seat fully with only one hand. It stands upright when folded. And it has an easy breezy carry handle for when I need to toss it over my shoulder and go. Ease of use is an important factor for me, and the Zooper Waltz has got it covered.

6. I have options. Or rather, my baby does. The Waltz has a removable bumper bar, a 4-position seat recline, an adjustable leg rest, and a simply amazing canopy that provides just the amount of shade you need and includes a handy zip-off hot weather ventilation panel. And have I mentioned the accessories? Foot muff, cup holder, rain cover, all included. Nice.

7. Compact fold, full comfort. Some companies boast of their strollers’ compact folds, but you find that their idea of compact and yours must be a little different. Not the case with Zooper: When they say compact flat fold, they mean it. The Waltz folds up umbrella-stroller style and fits easily in my trunk. Best of all, though, the compactness doesn’t take away from the comfort. This is a full-size, full-accessory stroller that just happens to slim down to a compact package. Love it!

8. It’s an instant conversation starter. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many strangers have said, “I love your stroller! Where did you get it?” since I’ve been taking my Waltz out and about. If you’re a new mom looking to find some new friends at the park, stroll up with this baby. Someone will get the conversation going, and your charming personality can take it from there.

9. The Waltz is infant car seat compatible. I wasn’t sure it was possible to love this stroller even more, but my devotion surged when I realized that I could hook my Chicco infant seat right on to my Zooper, making it a stylish and easy-to-use travel system. One of my least favorite things about traditional travel systems is how heavy and bulky the strollers typically are, so attaching my car seat to the lightweight and mega-maneuverable Waltz is—in my opinion—the perfect fix.

10. It’s the total package. Style, function, safety, durability … what more could a mom want in a stroller? I see myself behind the handlebar of this Zooper Waltz for many years to come.

Price: $299

Update: This stroller has been recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission due to strangulation hazard. For information about the recall and instruction on the safest way to proceed, click here.

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