Prince Lionheart Flexibath

Written by: Amy

What a cool product! The FlexiBath is a perfect item for anyone with limited storage space looking for a roomy baby tub.

Pros about Flexibath:
Super convenient and easy to fold
Requires very little room for storage
Available in multiple colors for boys and girls
Offers color changing stopper to indicate when water is too hot
Made for use with one or two children
Travel-friendly (It would be so great to travel with to a hotel or friend’s home that might not have a tub for little ones.)

Cons about Flexibath:
The tub is not so great for use with a newborn. It lacks a backrest, so I found myself having to hold my little guy up in the Flexibath. This tub is definitely more appropriate for a baby who can sit up on their own.

I personally love the idea of using the tub for two little ones at a time. I would have loved to have this tub when my older ones were 1 and 2—I know they would have enjoyed hopping into the cool little tub together. Since my little one is just 3 weeks old, I think I will wait to bring this tub out again until he is 7 to 9 months old (depending when he is sitting up) and has plenty of head and neck control. I don’t doubt that it will be a hit then! Until that time comes though whenI use the tub on a regular basis, I will enjoy storing with no trouble at all, since it folds up so flat and easily.

Priced at $40, I think the Flexibath is a great buy and would love to give it as a gift at a baby shower. It’s really cool, travel-friendly and perfect for storing in the linen closet or a smaller bathroom.

Price: $40
To buy:

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