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Written by: Amanda

I am impressed how far strollers have come in the nearly five years since my first daughter was born. While unfortunately they do all still seem to be cumbersome, new features make today’s strollers more mom (and dad) friendly than those just a few years ago.

The mountain buggy urban jungle has some great features, the first being its handling. With the front swivel wheel, you can guide your stroller with ease. The frame is a bit wide which can make squeezing through tight spots a challenge, but this seems to be the case with most full-sized strollers. Second, this stroller is ideal for someone who is tall. My 6’4 husband loves it. Third, this sucker is safe and sturdy! As we impatiently await the arrival of our new addition, we tried this stroller out with our 40 lb four year old. The urban jungle can easily accommodate your child well into the stage where they refuse to get in a stroller. Additionally, it has a safety wrist strap and a large viewing window to keep an eye on your child. Finally, I like the storage below. There is significantly more clearance between the seat and the storage area (which probably contributes to the overall height of the stroller). There is plenty of room for yours and babies belongings complete with zipper pouches and elastic netting to hold items in place.

There are a few cons with this stroller as well. It's a bit pricy at $500 plus the cost of accessories, though if you'll be using it daily, I'd say it's well worth the money. Second, the position of the bumper bar seems a bit high for a small child and once the child hits toddler stage I prefer an area for a drink or snack to keep the little one busy. The stroller does have a net cup holder for mom, but nothing in reach of the child. Third, the stroller does require two hands to fold and is still quite large even fully collapsed.

The mountain buggy urban jungle does have several accessories available. I thinking of ordering the stroller travel cover to protect the stroller when flying. Airlines have been less than gentle with my strollers in the past. There are also sun and storm protective covers if you spend a lot of time outdoors as well as infant carrycots. The tire pump has to be purchased as a separate accessory as it does not come with your buggy.

I would recommend this stroller to someone who spends a lot of time either outdoors on trails or city streets. The large inflatable tires will hold up to the wear and tear of city living and the uneven terrain of hiking trails. If your lifestyle consists of putting your baby in a stroller to go to the babysitter rather than the car, this is a great stroller for you. If you are someone who seldom uses a stroller and are most likely to indoors at the mall, this is more stroller than you need.

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