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By Mandi

My cousin, who is expecting her first child in October, recently sent an email to all of her mommy friends to ask about what baby products she should, or should not, register for.

As a mother of a 7-month-old daughter, I felt compelled to answer with all of my newfound knowledge.

One product I made sure to tell her about was the Joovy Nook High Chair. After all, since my daughter has started eating solid foods, a high chair has become an essential item in my kitchen and is used, used, used!

The email to my cousin looked something like this:

Recommended Product

The Joovy Nook 22X Series High Chair (I use both the wipeable white leatherette and the washable green covers.)


No tools! Pull the handle to unfold, click in the tray, lock in the crotch restraint and ta-da! You are ready!

Swing open tray (my personal favorite): this tray is so easy to open and close with one hand. This may not seem like a big deal right now, but trust me, when Baby S. arrives you are going to want two additional hands.

Easy to clean: imagine green beans, prunes and rice cereal smeared all over the beautiful, white, leatherette, turning it into the color of a 70s shag carpet. I know, it sounds awful, but both covers are so easy to clean—even if the food is dried on. Just use soapy water to wipe off, put the tray insert in the dishwasher, and you’re done.

Comfortable: while the high chair does not recline or adjust for height, it is very roomy for a growing child. The age limit is 5, and the weight limit is 50 pounds.

Stylish: the black or white leatherettes and the green or orange fabric covers easily match any decor. Not only does the green cover match my bright kitchen perfectly, the Joovy Nook also folds up and stores easily. (Seriously, it is easier than my stroller.)

Caveat (only one!)

The five-point harness is a nice safety feature and it does have lower click-in locations for smaller children, but the area where the plastic and fabric meet on the straps is not easy to clean. This takes a little longer than I would like.

That covers everything and yes, I would add the Joovy Nook to your baby registry!

Price: $130.00
To Buy:

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