FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier

By Mandy

I am a fan of babywearing, and have tried slings and carriers of all sorts. The FreeHand Mei Tai carrier is, by far, the most lovely of all the choices. It is simple, functional and truly beautiful in design.

This carrier is easy to use for moms and babies of all shapes and sizes (up to 35 pounds for the baby), as it has to be re-tied each time one uses it. This can be a downer, however, if you’re trying to tie your baby into the carrier while wrangling anything else. The ties are quite long (out of necessity), and getting it set up and ready can feel a little fussy.

Once my 7-month old baby is in the carrier (which can be used on your front, back or hip), she is relatively happy. She seems to prefer the ring sling, but I know from experience that each baby is different. I like that she is able to sit in the seat rather than hang from her crotch. She is able to see over the panel, and enjoys chewing on the padded straps, but has some difficulty figuring out what to do with her arms.

I made the mistake of using the carrier without referencing the online instructions, (which can be found here), which made my first attempt at loading her into it quite a debacle! But once I read up on how to correctly position her, I became very comfortable carrying her and love keeping her so close to my chest. It took some practice to get the correct tension in the straps so that she wasn’t hanging down too low or pulling on my shoulders, but it was worth the effort.

Because this carrier doesn’t have snaps or buckles, it is very portable. If your diaper bag is roomy, it should fit nicely. It is also washable, and the patterns and fabrics are gorgeous.

I would recommend this as a carrier that values style over function, but it still gets the job done and is a very useful carrier to have on hand.

Price: $89
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