Bright Starts InGenuity SleepEasy Playard

Written by: Ashley

My husband and I are having baby number one, so we are new to the world of putting baby gear together and testing it out, but we feel like we got off on the right foot by starting with the InGenuity SleepEasy Playard from Bright Starts.

Not knowing what we were getting into, we decided on a tag team approach where I would read the instructions and he would enact the steps. The product comes neatly stored in its carry case for travel and there is very little to actually assemble. My husband, without any prior knowledge of play yards, could foresee the next step before I even read it. We had the frame up and mattress set in moments.

To attach the changing table you have to first slide the metal bars on the underside into a locked position. It’s not difficult, but it is snug—so watch your fingers! It snaps onto the play yard very easily and likewise, it’s easy to remove. I also loved the fact that when you are not using it, it can rotate down on the side of the play yard if you do not have the accessory tray on that side.

The fabric is easy to wipe down and is a nice neural color scheme. It does not scream “baby” in my bedroom. The accessory tray is not meant to hold anything heavy, but the wipes, diapers and diaper cream store nicely for easy access. The InGenuity SleepEasy Playard is simple with no frills, but it is very practical and does all that I need it to do. If you want something with a canopy, zipper pockets, audio features, etc, this one is not for you. If you need a dummy proof, reliable, and easily transportable play yard you’ve got it in this product.

Overall the product seems sturdy and very useful and affordable. The wheels let me move it from my bedroom to the living room and when I want it to disappear, it folds back into the carry case. You do have to “unlock” all the metal support bars, but it’s a cinch. I’m very happy with it and I know our baby will love it too!

Price: $99
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