Evenflo SimplyGo Manual Breast Pump

Written by: Aimee

The Evenflo SimplyGo Manual Breast Pump is aptly named: You merely attach the container for milk to the pump itself and toss it in your bag. No cords to plug into the wall. No extra flanges. Nothing more to worry about! It is so compact that you can take anywhere—my very favorite characteristic of the pump! It’s ideal for the busy mom on the go who needs to quickly pump here or there.

The pump is also easy to use, which I appreciate as well. It only has two parts to it: the pump itself and the storage container that attaches to the pump and catches the milk while pumping. Just two parts! A real no-brainer. Attach the container that holds the milk to the bottom of the pump, screw it on tightly, place the flange to the breast firmly so there are no holes, and begin to squeeze the handle. Voila—you’re expressing milk!

At first, the extraction of the milk was a little rough on my nipples and would likely be for other moms too, especially if their nipples are sore from engorgement or from nursing. But with the SimplyGo, you control how hard or soft you want the pump to suck by squeezing the handle with more or less force or speed. I found it soothing to coat the flange with lanolin cream before inserting my breast; doing so made the sucking part a little smoother against the nipple. (The flange’s silicone insert is also removable to accommodate varying nipple sizes, if need be.) The downside to this pump, and any manual pump, I suppose, is that your hand does get tired. I tend to switch back and forth between hands while pumping to let one rest awhile while the other get its workout.

Cleaning the pump was a breeze. Although the SimplyGo is dishwasher-safe, I prefer to wash it by hand. To clean, I detach the collection container from the rest of the pump and wash it separately. Then, I run hot soapy water into the flange and squeeze the handle as if I were pumping to move the soapy water throughout. After rinsing clean, I pop the pump into my bottle sterilizer to ensure it’s extra clean.

I typically pump only a couple times a week to build up our reserves or relieve engorgement, and the SimplyGo gets the job done and does it well. However, Evenflo doesn’t recommend using this pump more than twice daily, so working moms may want to consider an alternate option. With the SimplyGo’s ease of use and unbeatable portability—not to mention affordability—it offers a true value for moms with needs similar to mine. I’ve been eagerly suggesting it to all my nursing and expectant friends.

Price: $20
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