Baby Jogger City Select

Written by: Elizabeth

I can honestly say I spent HOURS searching for the perfect stroller to fit our lifestyle.

Why are there so many strollers? Why can’t there be one stroller that is everything I want? I remember being nine months pregnant and swollen standing in Babies R’ Us with my mom staring at stroller after stroller after stroller! This was an important decision that I did not want to mess up. Many of my friends regret their stroller purchase, and I did not want to join that club! Well, great news: I have finally found the (almost) perfect stroller. I’m sure no stroller will ever be perfect, but the Baby Jogger City Select comes very close!

The City Select claims to have an amazing 360 degree turn allowing for extreme maneuverability. After taking my stroller on many walks and through many stores in the mall, I have to say I agree. I brag to my family and friends telling them to take a turn pushing and spinning my son. My shopping companions are also excited when I offer the roomy under storage bin to store their packages. And if my husband comes along, the handle simply adjusts with the push of a button to raise to a comfortable level for him.

Another convenient feature is the brake system. There is a brake lever near the top of the handle, so no bending is necessary to secure the stroller in place. Along with other Baby Jogger strollers, the folding is a breeze. Simply pull the two handles and the stroller collapses. The city select fits nicely in my SUV, but weighing in at 28 pounds (with only one seat attached), it’s a bit on the heavy side to hoist into your car. However, I know the extra heft is because the stroller is sturdy and well made. The frame is made of aluminum, not plastic as so many other strollers are.

In addition, the City Select is one of the most adaptable strollers I have ever seen. When you open the instruction manual, you will see a page with 16 different configurations of this stroller alone! It almost sounds unreal that one stroller can function in 16 different ways. This stroller comes with one seat that can be placed on two different levels facing out or towards you. A car seat adapter can be purchased that also allows you to place your newborn on two different levels. I LOVE having my newborn on the higher level. I can hold his pacifier in his mouth while continuting to stroll through the mall! When expanding your family, a second seat can be purchased creating a double stroller. Again, the two seats can be placed facing out or towards you. This means that your two children can face each other (a position that makes me wonder about leg room), or face away from one other. And yes, you can use one of the seats on one level, and the car seat adapter on another level. Also, a bassinet kit can be purchased. Wow! So many options! However, because many of the options are sold separately, the stroller can become pricey if you want to use it at its fullest capacity. I have had difficulty finding an adult cup holder that is sturdy and fits this brand of the Baby Jogger products.

I can fortunately say, I am a very happy mommy who does not regret her stroller choice. I finally found the stroller I spent hours searching for. When the time is right and we are ready to expand our family, I will be able to attach a second seat and easily convert my stroller into a double stroller that will effortlessly fit through doorways. I will not have to purchase another one! I would highly recommend this stroller, and I think it is most practical for those families who are planning to have more than one child.

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