Argington Babylon Toddler

Written by: Lauren

Versatility. If asked to describe the Argington Babylon Toddler High Chair in one word, that’s the one I’d pick. Let me tell you why …

First, the seat and footrest on the sleek, wooden chair are adjustable, meaning your tot can comfortably enjoy his meal at the breakfast bar or even the coffee table—any table requiring a seat between 17” to 36” high! In my family, this is super important because it’s very, very cool (at least according to the older kiddos) to sit at the counter to enjoy meals and snacks, and I’ve noticed that even tiny tots seem to be perceptive of this and feel left out when stuck eating at the kitchen table (so passe).

The super easy adjustability of the chair also helps eliminate the need for a booster when the time comes for the transition from high chair to regular old chair. We can just lower the seat rung by rung until it’s at the same height as the rest of furniture. (And as we do this, we can adjust the footrest too, meaning no dangling legs flopping around at dinner and no excuses for poor posture.)

Once we no longer need the chair as a high chair, we’ll likely continue to use it for an everyday chair. The Babylon supports not only small tykes but adults up to 250lbs, so it’s just as suitable for me as it is for little ones.

The fact that this won’t end up being a big plastic piece of furniture we end up storing in our basement after a year or two, but rather a beautiful wooden piece that will grow with our family from years to come fits nicely into our recent efforts to become more eco-conscious. Plus, the chair itself is made from certified sustainably harvested wood and low-VOC glues in energy efficient production facilities; and the finish is non-toxic and pollutant free … just a couple more brownie points we've earned ourselves with Mother Nature.

A few more things worth noting:

  • Assembly is really, truly, very much and completely easy. This number went from box to breakfast bar in less than 10 minutes (and I’m not a handy person).

  • As it’s name indicates, this highchair is suited for older babes. An infant tray kit is available separately to equip the chair for babies 6 months+; without the tray kit, this chair is best suited for children who are expert sitters on their own.

  • Seat and back cushions are available for added comfort, though I’ve got to admit I like the ease with which I can wipe down the wood without the cushions. I do enough loads of laundry each day as it is.

  • Like I mentioned previously, the seat and footrest heights are easy to adjust, with just the quick turn of two wooden knobs to lock or unlock the current position. I love how convenient it is, but also suggest keeping a close eye on your baby (which you’re surely doing anyway!) to be sure he or she doesn’t begin playing with the knobs and consequently unlock the seat from a secure position.

  • And lastly, this gorgeous chair comes in a slew of colors (birch, cherry, ebony, orange, pink, red maple and white), so finding a hue to suit your decor is a cinch.

Bon appetit!

Price: $198 (additional $34 for cushion, $66 for infant tray kit)
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