Aprica Haven

Written by: Lyndsay

If you're in the market for a travel crib for your baby, the Aprica Haven is a solid choice. With our first two kids, we used a cheap, small portable crib that served its purpose well enough, but was awkward to carry and lacking in room for our kids to lie down in. The Haven seems to be just the right size—it's not the larger square old-style playard size that takes up major real estate in a room, and it's not so tiny that your older toddler has to sleep with his legs scrunched up around his chest.

Set up is easy—the Haven unfolds seamlessly and locks into place with one snap. No locks to fuss with on the siderails like other models. Collapse is the same—you simply pull up on the red strap on the bottom of the playard once you remove the mattress.

Of note with the Haven is the 360 degree viewing capability. Parents can see their child from all sides, and the circulation is increased with air being able to flow through. Also unique to the Haven is the insertable bassinet—a simple piece of fabric that snaps on to the top. You simply place the bassinet over the top rail and snap it in, then slide the metal bars in the pockets underneath the mattress to reinforce the pad before laying it in. (Bassinet is assembled in above picture.) This is a handy feature to have for several reasons:One, the Haven can serve as a beside the bed bassinet for the early weeks when your baby is still small (bassinet is for babies 15 pounds and smaller) and two, since the bassinet is simply cloth, it folds easily into the carry case, making it a cinch to include on trips, should you need it. Additionally, the bassinet has a slit cut into the bottom so that you can fold and unfold the playard without having to remove it—quite convenient.

The Haven is certainly formidable, and is not the lightest piece of baby gear you will own. It will take up some space in your vehicle on trips, for sure. But in my experience, it's better to have a travel crib that will safely hold your baby with plenty of room for them to sleep than it is to have a travel crib that folds super flat. The carrying case makes transporting it to and from the car very easy.

The price is very reasonable, and it will definitely last you through multiple kids. An all-around good choice for parents looking for a travel crib.

To buy:aprica.com

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