Amy Michelle Gladiola Tote

Written by: Lula Blau

Amy Michelle rocks my diaper bag world. It may seem a little wacky, but the main reason I’m gaga over this bag: it zips shut! I can’t tell you how many zipper-less diaper bags I’ve used in the past and my number one complaint with each of them has been “no zipper.” Yes, I know they’re made like that on purpose to give us easy access, but some of us would prefer to keep the contents from falling out every time we throw the bag down. So thank you Amy Michelle for making my zipper dream come true. (There’s also a magnetic flap across the bag to keep it shut, if you prefer …)

I also love this bag because it’s sassy, yet down to earth. It has personality, but it’s not cutesy or pretentious. Nor does it scream diaper bag. In fact, it resembles a few of my regular purses, except it’s large enough to fit both my stuff and my baby’s stuff. It’s stylish and well made. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth too, since I use it for everything from toting baby goods to traveling, running errands and going to dinner. I even use it for work, and with a little crafty maneuvering can fit my laptop in there.

The exterior is faux patent but looks more like high quality leather. I’m not sure if it’s technically “water-resistant,” but I can attest that lattes, baby milk, smashed green peas, cheerios remnants and leaking hand sanitizer clean up quite easily on both the exterior and interior surfaces. The interior is made of a light beige, nylon-type material—which is kind of ho-hum, but it prevents the usual black-hole situation.

I fly by the seat of my disorganized pants and hardly use pockets in bags, but there’s plenty in there

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