The best way to keep your life (and your baby’s life) hopping-exciting

Written by: Mindy

Chloe’s travel log is filling up. She visited both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans before she was even four months old. This month, she’ll take her 20th airplane flight.

It’s not that we travel a lot … it just happened to work out that way this year. Since Chloe was born, we’ve gone to a wedding … and a 90th birthday surprise … a reunion with friends … and a business conference, among other things.

It’s funny, in a way. She hasn’t ever been on a road trip out of town. It’s just worked out that all our destinations were only possible through airline travel.

We even have four more trips planned before the holidays.

I’m not going to lie to you … I’m exhausted. Chloe is a great traveler, but it still takes a lot of effort to pack for everybody each time we travel. Every time, I have to round up all the toys and games and treats I like to keep in a travel bag (aka, my “bribe-‘em-to-be-happy” bag).

None of these trips have been for just me and Chloe. I’ve always traveled with hubby Cam and Chloe’s big brother, Caden. (Side note: I couldn’t imagine traveling with both kids on my own, although I distinctly remember spying on another young mother during Caden’s very first flight. The woman had a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old. Not only was she traveling with them on her own, she also kept them quiet and happy for a lengthy, three-hour flight during which they both stayed awake — I took notes!)

To put it simply, travel with a baby can be tough. There’s the car seat you have to pack, there might be a stroller involved, there’s the change of clothes you must keep on hand at all times, the diaper bag, the special crEmes … I could go on.

Yet, it occurred to me the other day that as stressful as it is to plan vacations over and over again while incorporating a baby into the mix, it’s … well, it’s healthy.

I think the constant travel and upheaval in our lives since Chloe joined our family has kept us hopping. It certainly hasn’t allowed for any boredom from a same-old, same-old life. The weeks move by faster; the days evaporate. Our pace of life is fast. And, though my as-yet-short-memory is usually unable to keep track of simple things (like the date), I think I’ll always remember the adventures I got to enjoy with my baby during her first year of life.

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