The working (pregnant) woman's wardrobe

Written by: P&N

If you caught this month's article “Working woman,” hopefully any anxiety you had about working while pregnant has been calmed a bit. But there's another important factor to consider:What to wear?

First, let's talk undergarments. The girls, they are a'changin', and as a working mom-to-be, your bra is probably not the only thing that's tight. Time is a hot commodity, once you factor in all the sleeping, eating and hovering over the toilet you might be doing, so if you don't see a trip to the store for a professional fitting in your future, check out Leading Lady's Find Your Fit online bra-fitting tool. It's full of helpful advice on how your bra should feel and look on you, and even includes a printable tape measure in case you don't have one handy. When your chest is properly supported, your clothes look and feel even better, so start with a good base before loading up on outfits.

And speaking of outfits, let's get inspired, shall we?

Pregnant and professional

Chic and with child

Casual Friday

Happy fitting, and happy shopping!

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