Pregnancy in haiku

Written by: Rachel Reiff Ellis

Get your snaps ready, cool cats. We've got some pregnancy-inspired poetry coming your way.

[ Month one ]
Took the test as soon
As the box told me I could.
Two pink lines. Pregnant!

[ Month two ]
It’s hard, figuring
Out how to explain fourteen
Trips to the bathroom.

[ Month three ]
Nausea’s gone at last.
Now I can’t stop sobbing at
Sappy commercials.

[ Month four ]
Either that’s a bump
Or I ate way too many
Cheeseburgers this week.

[ Month five ]
Gas bubbles or kick?
I can’t tell. Guess we’ll find out
In just a minute.

[ Month six ]
Some jelly, a wand,
And, voil

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