It's a baby shower!

Written by: Lauren

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to allow our Managing Editor a few minutes to brag about her adorable expectant sister (oh, and to talk about the baby shower she threw her).

Hi friends! Thanks for letting me pop in. I’ve been dying to tell you about my gorgeous sister. She’s pregnant. With her first baby. And my first nephew. My other sisters and I hosted a baby shower for her just a few weeks ago to celebrate our impending bundle of boy. Want to hear about (and see!) some of the details? Good. Because I’m ready to share.

We knew the invitations would set the tone of the shower, so we chose a fresh, modern design from Paper Culture in a color scheme we knew the mom-to-be would love. To us, it conveyed that the shower would be cheerful and lighthearted and not-too-cheesy, which was exactly what we were going for.

The folks at Paper Culture were super nice to work with and kindly adjusted coloring and wording until we had the proof just right. They also offered an incredibly convenient Mail & Message service that allowed us to upload an Excel spreadsheet with the names and addresses of all our female friends and family so they could send the invitations for us. So long, writer’s cramp! We loved how easy this free(!) offering this made our lives.

With the date set and the invitations sent, we got to planning. Games, food, decorations … We wanted everything to be just right for our nephew and his mama. We all flew in (from four states, no less) the day before the shower to transform our parents’ basement into a shower-worthy environment. (Psst! As an editor at P&N, I had special permission to raid the prop closet for a few extra decorations for the party. Isn't that a fun perk?)

We confined ourselves to the basement so we could keep our work-in-progress under wraps while our mom-to-be hung out upstairs. It may not have been the most gorgeous shower setting (no offense, Mom and Dad!), but it was warm and familiar and special to us. Just the way it should be. Right before the party, we finally allowed our preggo sister downstairs to check out our handiwork. As you can see, she loved it! (Like her dress? You’ll never believe where she got it!)

We kept the food simple, serving cheese and crackers, hummus and pitas, popcorn, veggie cups and, of course, a variety of pickles.

eeBoo alphabet cards, Bake It Pretty polkadot cups and popcorn bags, DwellStudio for Target tablecloth

For dessert, we indulged in the sinfully delicious Bailey’s Cheesecakes. Mmm.

And to drink, we offered an array of juices (to be spiked with champagne by the nonpregnant gals), as well as cider and tea and sparkling lemonade.

Instead of group games, we set up three stations for guests to stop by as they mingled about. The first station asked guests to decorate a diaper. (We picked up some Seventh Generation diapers, which are not only earth-friendly, but also nice and plain for decorating.) Guests displayed their masterpieces on a clothesline to later be judged by the mom-to-be. Everyone loved the chance to play with the Sharpies. (Seriously, we all love to color, don’t we?) And our baby-to-be now has a fun stash of diapers that will make at least the first week’s worth of changes a bit more entertaining.

The second station asked guests to create name suggestions for our sister’s bambino. (Mom and dad are still hemming and hawing over the best moniker for their little man!) The catch? They could only use the letters found in the parents’ names. It was tricky—and entertaining. We read a name proposal between each present she opened and gave out prizes for the ladies who came up with the most creative combinations. (Throughout the party, prizes included stationery, fancy soaps and Mommy’s Time Out and Daddy’s Day Off wines. Fun!)

Corduroy Squares mustache mug

Thirdly (and we didn’t capture this on camera, unfortunately!), we asked guests to write their best advice on a small card and tuck it into the pouch of a “days of the week” organizer, so our new mama would have words of wisdom for every adventure each day may bring. The priceless knowledge-filled (and occasionally humor-sprinkled) cards were sent home with our sister to pull out after her wee one makes his debut.

(Remember how the shower was held in the basement? We used a vintage bedspread from our grandma to disguise the air hockey table and turn it into a place for presents.)

Once everyone had had time to catch up with one another and partake in all the festivities, we got to opening presents. What does an editor at a prenatal magazine gift her expectant sister? Something timeless, something adorable and something practical—and all things I would want myself.

Something timeless: Uncle Goose French Alphabet Blocks

We both studied French in high school and enjoyed a week in Paris together last spring, so French alphabet blocks only seemed appropriate. Plus, they’re of heirloom quality and will surely be passed down for generations to come.

Something adorable: 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin

These bins are just the cutest and are perfect, perfect, perfect as a tiny baby clothes hamper or stuffed animal storage. (I myself am the proud owner of the hippo!)

Something practical: BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

My sister and I only live a few hours a way, but I want to ensure she visits often. To make overnight trips easy, I made certain she was equipped with the best travel bed around. It’s super compact and sets up in 10 seconds or less. (We pulled it out of the box after the other guests had left and oohed and aahed over it for a good 15 minutes. It. Is. Awesome.)

(My sweet niece was really excited about the BabyBjorn travel crib too. Yay!)

We were so grateful to all the fine women in our lives who came to celebrate our sister and wish her well as she forays into motherhood. In hopes that the apple not fall far from the tree, guests each took home an apple with a paper leaf thanking them for coming.

Petit Collage wall decals, The Macbeth Collection letters

We had such a lovely time at the shower, just like you will at yours, I’m sure. Thank you for letting me share my sister’s with you. It’s your turn now! Leave a comment below or send me an email telling me all about your celebration. I can't wait to hear about it.

(Here I am with my sisters (and fabulous sister-in-law!) after the shower. Aren't they the cutest?)

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