Framing Memories

Written by: Candace

I have a secret:I am a hoarder.Not in the gross house full of junk sense, but I have kept every single piece of clothing, shoe, sock, and bib that has ever graced Charlie’s tiny body.Now at 14 months I’m beginning to realize that this can’t go on forever.

Storage is hard to come by at my house and I’m not planning to have another child anytime soon.Luckily, this week a friend sent me a link with some darling framed baby clothes.What a fun idea!I began searching for more unique ways to save Charlie’s little treasures and have been really surprised and excited by what I have found!

I love this trio of framed heirloom baby pieces.What a fun way to decorate a nursery!

This super chic idea is from Martha Stewart.I love this project because it is a simple DIY art project which I always love!Simply lay your baby’s treasures on this inexpensive light sensitive paper to create these bright-blue sun prints.So fun and easy, and the baby clothes remain intact for future little ones.

I have always been a huge fan of collage and am absolutely in love with this fun craft project by Alexa Alett.She had her daughter choose her favorite dresses, pajamas and shirts, and created this adorable collage of mini-dresses.This would be adorable in a children’s room, nursery or powder room.

I’ve always loved the idea of using my son’s clothes to create a custom baby quilt.Unfortunately sewing is not one of my strong-points, so I was excited to find the baby quilt kit by Ticche and Bea.The best part of this quilt is that you don’t have to know how to sew.Simply order the kit, cut out the squares, and send it back to have the quilt pieced by a pro.

This beautiful activity book was very lovingly created by a mother for her little one.What a wonderful way to recycle clothing and create something beautiful and meaningful to enjoy with your child.I can imagine that the memories created while enjoying this book will be as special as the memories of the clothes used to make it.

Who would think that this adorable pillow was made from baby clothes!I’ve seen several pillows and stuffed animals that mommies have crafted for their little darlings, but this one is by far the sweetest.This pillow is so lovely and is such a great way to preserve those special tiny duds.

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