Five resources for making mom friends

Written by: P&N

If you're a new mom navigating the waters of friendships after baby, check out these great groups aimed at making communities for parents with little ones:

This organization has been around for over 40 years. Short for Mothers of Preschoolers, the MOPS slogan is “no mom alone.” Visit for more information.

Playgroups USA
Finding a playgroup with kids close to the same age as yours helps you and your baby build new friendships. Visit to locate a group near you.

This creative and engaging program focuses on the developmental benefits of music with classes from newborn to age 7. Visit to learn more.

When you’re at home with a baby, sometimes Facebook feels like your only link to the outside world. Social networking
can also open many doors to new friendships.

There is an arsenal of valuable mom info right at the tips of your fingers. Type in anything from “playgroups” to “kids’
activities” and watch all your options pop up with the click of a mouse.

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